Mobeep Launches Mobile Web Version of Popular Apps Store

Mobeep Launches Mobile Web Version of Popular Apps Store

February 22, 2012

Mobile web launch is an extension to reach out to different users for convenience and instant access

HONG KONG, FEBRUARY 22 – After maintaining web presence with its official website, and by recently reaching out to other mobile communities through social networks Facebook and Twitter, the all-rounder Mobile app store will now launch a mobile web version of Mobeep that reaches out to a different mobile community.

“A Mobile Web version is crucial to reach out to as many mobile communities as possible. We believed in the principle of ‘Sharing’, so we want to extend our access to as many people as possible,” said Ozura World CEO Mike Pearse.

This new development on adding a mobile web to Mobeep was part of a well-planned strategy by the company with the trend of having a mobile web version of products gaining traction recently. In a recent survey by EpiServer, it is found that 73% of mobile users browsed through mobile websites compared to 69% who browsed the mobile app version. Besides, 33% would make purchases from the mobile site compared to 26% who used the mobile app.

“Savvy mobile users view mobile web browsing as a need as it saves them time and efficiency. Seeing a surge in demand and reliance on mobile phone technology gives us the position to provide better quality services, especially among the young and tech-savvy. This is an expansion of our web infrastructure to ensure interconnectivity, and mobile users will get the quality product that they desire from us. We will also continue to add in new features so that our mobile users are able to enjoy better quality contents,” he said.

Mobile technology is playing a huge role over a person’s overall experience with its mobile phone, and with the advent of faster mobile internet browsers, mobile web surfing serves to be a basic and direct activity that most mobile users were accustomed to doing. There is a constant need to develop products that satisfies the need of the mobile community, and they will be thrilled with the positive impact this mobile web is making in their lives.

There is no doubt that the mobile web will only continue to grow as more and more people get hold of cheaper and better smartphones. It can be used as an influence growth builder, building and engaging with the users to spread brand influence.

“We have a strong presence in these emerging markets from our engagement strategy, as we push exclusive and branded content to our users, tailoring our product to suit their local needs,” said Mike. “We’re catering to the substantive mobile growth that happens in these regions as more people are adopting to getting a wholesome mobile experience,”

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Mobeep is one of the top Mobile Application Store that has all types of apps and contents like games, instant messengers and ebooks. It also comes with a patented download accelerator, which supports resumable downloading and offers high-speed downloading rate. Mobeep is a product of Ozura World, the leading digital entertainment media company with offices in California, Singapore and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit

Ozura World is a leading international interactive entertainment media company specializes in mobile social network, mobile applications and wireless entertainment. The company distributes software and applications for mobile Internet devices such as cell phones, smart phones, wireless entertainment devices and tablets. The company also incubates and invests in startup technologies, as well as supporting information technology & social network companies. Ozura World has representative offices in 8 countries around the world. For more information, please visit




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